The west nipissing chamber of commerce (


Our Mission

As a network of businesses with an understanding of what it looks like from the inside of business management, our mission is to assist our members in improving their business in anyway we can using our services available.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use every resource we can offer to our members to improve the livelihood of their business for the present and future. As well as obtaining and improving our own membership program in hope to always give our members the best possible service we can in order to witness and improve growth in our local economy 

  • To use our resources to encourage growth in our community

  • To use our knowledge of business management to shed light and encourage local business owners to maintain growth and perspective within their business

  • To gain knowledge from other businesses within our community from all ends of the spectrum to have the best possible understanding of how to make our town and people as successful as possible while also creating strog relationships within our community along the way

Our Team


T. 123-456-7890

Rebecca Foisy
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Executive Assistant 

Rebecca manages the Chamber's Rapid Test Kit Program , and actively updates all social media pages. Rebecca works on a part time basis, and participates in committee meetings as well.