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The West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce Business Engagement Survey 

We want to hear from you! 

The West Nipissing Chamber of Commerce is constantly looking for new ways to support  our members and grow our organization. For this reason, we have designed a brief survey to better understand your business. 

Feel free to complete the survey below or download the fillable pdf. email it to:

1. What is the name of your business and what year did your business begin operation in West Nipissing.

2. What type of facility does your business currently operate from?

3. Did you make any business improvements this year?

4. Did you plan to increase your workforce in the near future?

5. Did you add or remove any products or services this year?

6. What do you like most about doing business in West Nipissing?

7. What problems, barriers, or issues do you encounter when doing business in West Nipissing?

8. In the past 3 years, has your opinion of doing business in our community changed?

9. Which of the following Chamber programs would provide the greatest benefit to your business? (Check all that apply). 

10. The Chamber is interested in hosting a virtual Tradeshow in 2021. Is this something your business would be interested in?


Thanks for submitting!

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